Shampoo Shower Cloth

The effective alternative to shampoo and water.
Does not require rinsing or drying after use.
Talc scented.
Pack of 2 pcs

Dry mousse BIO Shampoo

For dogs, cats and puppies.
Available fragrances: Talc, White Musk and Chlorhexidine.
Contents: 200 ml
Available fragrances: Talc, White Musk and Chlorhexidine.

BIO Shampoo
and conditioner
2 in 1

For dogs, cats and puppies
Contents: 250 ml
Available fragrances: Talc and Chlorhexidine.

Shampoo e balsamo per animali

SOLID shampoo
for dogs

he ecological alternative for washing your dog: packaging with zero plastic waste and a duration equivalent to 4 shampoo’s bottle. Quick-rinse biodegradable formula without unnecessary waste of water.
Available alternatives: Neem oil, lavender.

Educational sprays



For dogs, cats and puppies.
Contents: 500 ml

Shampoo e balsamo per animali

BIO Floor cleaner

Specific for 4-legged friends.
With detergent ingredients of vegetable origin, specific for animals, non-toxic as it does not contain heavy metals and phosphates.

Contents: 750 ml

Available fragrances: Lavender and Talc.

Shampoo e balsamo per animali